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About Business Consulting

Below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how working with us will help you achieve your business goals.

A Business Coach helps guide and assist you in the running of your business by establishing or clarifying your vision to meet your goals. Connecting the dots within the aspects of all the fundamentals that all successful businesses must have taking your from where you are to where you want your business to be. Implementing the success strategies that will create doublicadbile systems and create growth of your business.

This can vary from agency to agency, some will make you sign a contract of require a large upfront amount or even offer A La Carte service. We have simplified it, you get everything that we offer with no contract for one simple monthly price.

Our business consulting solutions are designed to be flexible, targeted and modular to solve for countless challenges. We mix and match our organizational strategy, business process management, instructional design and training programs to develop the perfect solution for your goals.
We do work with almost every industry includes – Manufacturing, Education, Services, New Startup ideas, E-commerce and Retail, Media and Advertising, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate and construction and many others

You get everything we offer that your business will or might need to make it successful examples include. Logo Design, Website Design, Website restructure, Branding, Inventory Management, Employee Structure, Payroll Management Structure, Product Development and so much more.

No Problem in fact most of our clients are remote, with set conference call times and sharble database it is easy to work with multiple business across the world. If needed with our retail business we do an initial on site walk thru with the owner.

Yes Absolutely! We sign a mutually agreed NDA to protect your trade secrets.

No we will never make you sign a contract, our services are just month to month that way you are always in control.

There are many reasons, but the most important is to help identify goals and keep you on track to achievement

It’s simple as simple as a phone call or email. If you ever need our service again just notify us and we can pick up where we left off. We are always here to help.

Yes and Yes! We work with both types and and help any business out.

A business coach can help start your business or improve your existing business giving you the advice and access to the resources you may be lacking to see the growth you desire. When looking for that expert advice make sure your business coach has the resources and proven systems to help you achieve your goals.

With the proper business coach you can see the aspects of your business which were viewed as weaker areas of your business grow. SO many buinesse are not equally strong through all areas and are being carried by a few strong areas. When we focus on improving the weaker areas of a business the over all business grows. Business owners can also experience time freedom through systems that allow them to invest more time in areas they once couldn’t.

No We charge a modest fee According to your Business Problems.

Below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how working with us will help you achieve your business goals.

In today’s digitally focussed world, it’s vital that your business has a website if you want to remain competitive. A website allows you to showcase your products and services, makes your look professional and credible, and gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience. You can also attract new customers through Google and other search engines and encourage customers to contact you.

Generally, our web design Birmingham projects have a turnaround of 3-4 weeks after a brief discovery phase, which is spent on planning, designing, testing and launching your site.

However, dependent on your requirements, the turnaround time can vary.Book your web design Birmingham consultation with us, to discuss any deadlines you have further.

Responsive web design refers to the design of websites that automatically adapt to the screen size, platform, and orientation. So, whether the site is being viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, it’s easy to use and looks great.

A responsive website will automatically adapt to the resolution, image size and scripting abilities of the device the user is viewing the site on. Responsive design reduces the amount of panning, zooming, and scrolling the user will need to carry out when visiting the site.

The web design process will vary slightly from site to site, however there are a number of core steps that we always follow.

First things first, we’ll work with you to develop an understanding of your market, your target audience, and your business goals. This will help us build the foundations of your new site. We’ll then carry out an in-depth analysis of the user journey and your audience personas, to develop a UX strategy.

Next, we’ll create the content for your site, keeping in mind your brand guidelines, tone, and style, before working on our initial designs to ensure your products or services really stand out.

We can integrate and test various facilities, including booking forms, ecommerce, and more.

A content management system (CMS) is an application used to manage web content. A content managed website is driven by a database where all the information on your website is stored.

The site will have a backend portal where administrators can log in and update the content or upload or delete images.

If your website looks good and functions well on a mobile device, it will translate better on all devices.

With mobile first design, websites are designed for the smallest screen it will be viewed on (a mobile phone), and then scaled up. Because mobile has more restrictions, the features can be expanded to create the tablet or desktop version of the site.

Mobile first design puts mobile at the core of the design approach, taking into account the constraints and behaviours associated with browsing on mobile devices, whereas responsive design refers to website designs that automatically adjust based on the size of the user’s screen.

When deciding the best option for your site, it’s important to look at your customer personas – do they mainly browse the web using mobile devices, or do they prefer to use computers?

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is vital for any business that operates online and, for maximum results, it should be built into the web design process, rather than added in later. Web design and SEO should work together seamlessly.

The key elements of SEO in web design are mobile friendliness, easy to read design, website speed, sitemaps, and user trust.

If you want a website, you will need web hosting. Your website will be hosted on a server, usually provided by the company that maintains the site for you.

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