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BainBow is a Facebook Marketing Company in India that knows the minutiae of advertising on Facebook and has a record of helping a big clientele. Our professional Facebook advertising services can scale up quickly and make your small business reach peaks. We have worked with many big businesses to increase their sales with our best Facebook marketing services in Ludhiana,Punjab.

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Facebook is the largest social network by so far, with approximate 2 billion daily active users. It is also the cheapest way to increase your exposure to potential customers, making it perfect for Small & Medium Businesses.

Facebook is one of those websites that have seen great growth over last few years. It can also be used as a promotional tool to assist generating lead, building brand, etc. A well prepared social strategy can assist you in getting high returns from these marketing platforms.

So In this digitally competing world, you cannot just rely on  just traditional marketing practices for advertising your products or services to your target audience. Today, there is no place better than social media platforms to advertise your offerings and get the attention of your target audience.

That’s why our team of Facebook Advertising experts always make sure your adverts are shown in front of the right audience at the right time which helps you to increase conversions and generate more sales.

Why Facebook For Marketing & Ads?

Due to the nature of the platform and the data it collects from users, Facebook targeting options are incredibly detailed, with the ability to target the most relevant audience based on interest, demographics, location, behavior etc. In addition to this, Facebook has several objective types and ad formats, which allows advertisers to create ads intended for a specific action i.e drive footfall to a local store or generate online conversions.

In addition to using Facebook’s own audiences, we can create custom and re-marketing audiences, allowing us to reach users that have previously engaged with your brand before – this is great for building brand loyalty and retention.

So till now if your brand is not on Facebook then you are missing out big opportunity to reaching a large bank of potential customers for your business. that’s where our Facebook Marketing & Advertising Company will help you. below is the list of some benefits of using Facebook marketing & Advertising 

Our Facebook Marketing Services Includes


Facebook Ads Management

Because Facebook is a social media platform where the users spend time to relax, we make sure that we convey our client’s advertising message to their audience without hampering their relax time. Therefore, our ads management services stand out from the rest.


Increase Page Likes

Page likes is the indicator of how your business is being perceived by the target audience. By providing relevant and informative content, we help our clients gain the trust of their audience that is indicated in an increase in the page likes.


User Engagement

No business can succeed today if they don’t make an effort to communicate and interact with their target audience. We facilitate this user engagement to ensure that the clients’ target audience becomes loyal to their brand.


Brand Awareness

Branding is the absolute need for every business today. In this cross-cutting competitive business environment, raising awareness around your brand can be difficult. At BainBow, our creativity will help you cross this hurdle.


App Installation

By implementing Facebook advertisement strategies, we make sure to come up with engaging ads that redirect the user to your desktop or mobile app to improve your app’s downloads and engagements.


Increase Local Traffic & Reach

While global presence is important, a business should also pay equal attention to the local audience. By creating customized ads, Facebook gives you many creative ways in which you can increase your reach and local traffic.


Our Instagram Marketing Plans

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Facebook Ads Management

Small Business

Facebook Ads Management

Small Business

Facebook Ads Management

Frequently Asked Questions

About Instagram Growth & Marketing

A professional Facebook marketing agency will guide you throughout the process of reaching out to the customers on Facebook and engaging with them. Their years of experience will help you in implementing Facebook ads that will bring you quality leads.

Yes, based on your niche and your business environment, we provide customized Facebook marketing packages. We also provide combined Facebook + Instagram packages for your business.

Firstly, there is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media platform today. Secondly, the success of your Facebook marketing efforts depends on your product, target market, and your ideal buyer’s persona. If you are clear with who is your ideal customer, you can easily position your brand in front of them. Facebook gives a lot of liberty in extremely filtering your target audience. Even in the worst case scenario, you will at least improve your brand visibility.

This can be summed up in the following steps – Create your Facebook Page Set your Facebook Ads goals Choose your campaign objective Select your target audience Choose where and how you want your ads to feature Confirm and place the order Maintain a regular Facebook ads report.

Setting up a Facebook business page does not involve any cost. You need to create your Facebook profile. Once you have created your personal Facebook profile, you can go further to create your Facebook business page.

Because marketing on Facebook requires the least investment, it is the best place for small businesses to reach out to their target audience easily. They can start by creating their Facebook Page and posting engaging content to attract more page likes. This way, they can quickly market their offerings with less to no investment.

Yes, we live in a digital age where brands are doing everything to get the attention of their audience. People tend to trust those brands that have a strong social media presence. Therefore, if you market yourself on Facebook, it will surely increase your customers and boost your sales.

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