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We bet you don’t spend much time on the 2nd page of Google – so why should your website?
Seo Company in Ludhiana

SEO is a technique or a way to deflect more traffic to a website with the help of search engine organic ranking. With SEO your company ranks on the first page of Google which increases the chances to be hit by the buyers who are in search of your products. The more the buyers hit your website the more sales will get happened.

Staying on the first page of google with different keywords is not an easy task, for this we need to understand the Google algorithm and aligned the website accordingly. But interestingly, google algorithm updates itself continuously to give their users better results. In BainBow our team has regular training programs about the algorithm updation

Let's see how Google Algorithm Works

When you search anything in google or any other search engine, a complete algorithm works behind your search which tries to bring you the most relevant or best results out of the internet.
Search engines do have their own library of the digital age in which web pages are stored & keeps on adding new ones. When you type keywords in the search engine box, it looks through all the pages in the index and returns back with the most relevant information.

Three Major Factor in SEO


Feel that scenario, if you try to search for some trees and a search engine shows the result of cars, does it happen to you? No, it is not gonna happen because google looks first and foremost for the pages that are closely related to your keywords, but that doesn't mean that if your website has those keywords you will rank on the first page. Because there are millions of results emerge when you search for some short keywords. So how do some pages manage to get visible on the first page? Move on to the next way which is authority.


Authority is what google check-in web pages in terms of their trustworthy and accurate information, how actually google judges the authority of your web page? The answer is with the number of pages linked with that web page, so the more link you can able to make in your web page the more trustworthy it can be to google algorithm. Generally speaking the more link the page has the higher it will rank.


Building trust in someone is always a hard job but all too easy to destroy. Your website also did the same by building more trust to search engines as it gets old and old. For search engines, trust is built from the domain age, time to time updates on the website, the traffic it managed to get. If you are able to do all these things your website will rank on the top of all pages. But building trust is not an overnight job & it takes months to divert traffic.

Our SEO Services Includes


Competitor Analysis

It is a key behind every successful business, In business or SEO ranking you have two either you follow your competitor what he is doing or either you can go according to your knowledge but if your competitor is doing great than going with your ideology doesn’t make any sense.
In SEO the competitor analysis is much easy one can easily do by researching links, keywords, content of your competitor, by finding which works well, you can add that into your strategy.


Complete SEO Audit

SEO Audit is a way to analyze the performance of your web presence through which you can mark its score. With the SEO audit results, the strategies can be made according to the issues found in web pages. The major role of the audit is to identify issues that halted the web page performance.


Content Analysis

Always remember content is a king, and it is the most vital part of your website- It will attract more visitors to the web page and convert them to leads. If your content is to the point and has all the information which your prospect seeking it will bring the best results for your business.


Off-Site SEO

The work has to be done outside of the webpage to make improve its ranking in the search engine, which includes link building or from another way to improve the reputation and authority. Those factors optimize the website ideally for search engine ranking


On Page SEO

On-Page SEO strategies are used to optimize the web page to improve ranking & earn traffic. This can be done by high quality & relevant content and more effectively by doing improvement in HTML tags, headlines, and tags so the search engines can find the webpage smooth and valuable source of information.


Technical SEO

In technical SEO the webpage should meet the standard requirements of search engines which include – Crawling, Indexing, rendering, and webpage architecture. If the webpage is perfectly aligned with these parameters it becomes much easier for any search engine to crawl the webpage which results in good ranking.


What Our Clients Say

I have my website done by the professional team, the website looks so nice and systematic but the only problem is that I am not able to fetch more enquiries online before I ended up with BainBow team. They analyze & concluded that the major problem was with SEO, my website SEO was so poor that I was lacking behind low competitors. Even my website ranked on the third page of google on some hot specific keywords. When I was on my first meeting with BainBow, they presented the full strategy of SEO in front of me. I must say good things takes time which is what happened there, gradually enquiries were increasing and now I have enough enquiry throughout the day that I don't need to think about how I can grow.
Dhingra Events
Event Management Co.
As we all know that organic SEO is a must for every business. But only professionals know how to make & maintain an organic SEO. I have a website of beauty product so it is much important for my business to be on the top of google search. firstly I hired a Delhi based digital marketing company which I believed to be capable of doing the stuff greatly & as expected they were doing a really great job & my website was managed to have a daily visitor of around 1000 which I assumed is the max figure which one can achieve, I was quite satisfied with them, but one day a person called me from BainBow and starting describing me the loopholes in my SEO and he was confident in giving me an 1800 daily visitor just by changing some of my SEO strategies. Firstly I was not convinced by him but when he showed me the demo, my eyes lits up and I made the decision to go with them. I must say they are a Sachin Tendulkar of SEO
Bhavdeep Kaur
Fashion Designer
If you wanna go with the company who gives you more value than your money, this is the company. They did a wonderful job of making inbound sales in my company. Still, my account is handled by them with utmost care & they do respect the privacy of our business. They themself made an agreement in which it is mentioned clearly that they will not open up our business secrets to anyone which I think is a great part of any company. Whenever I need to know something or have some questions they always present on the phone or face to face. This is what a busy customer need nowadays.
FlightGo Express
Courier Company
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