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HR Systems

Whether you a small or large company your Human Resource also known as HR department needs to be structured in such away that you have systems and procedures in place to make you life and business run smoother. The HR department consists of, recruiting, interviewing, screening. Training, payroll, benefits and employee benefits. The HR department oversees the administrative side of your business.


Group Training

There is an advantage of structuring your company’s training in group seasons and this is something that should be consistent and structure within all businesses. This can help with developing new skills, implementation of new policy and procedures, We have seen the performance and confidence in employees rise when there is a consistent group training in place.


Sales Training

Sales is the life of most all companies it is what keeps them going, so keeping your stuff up to date and refined in their sales skills through a consistent sales training will benefit their personal growth along with the business overall growth. We have seen improvements in Presentation, pricing and overall knowledge when a consistent sales training program is implemented


Organization Structure

Having the proper outlined structure will help your employees with reporting procedures within your company while helping with workflow, easier to add new employees, flexibility and allowing for growth.


Membership Model

There are many benefits to a membership based model for your business, we have worked with companies to structure and marked a membership based structure. With a membership model you can enjoy a stable recurring revenue through monthly automated billing. We have seen an increase in customer pase and customer frequency with a membership model


Inventory Management

The importance of having the proper inventory management system in place is key to the functionality of our business when looking at maximizing time, energy and resources allowing for potential growth. THe ability to track and regulate the flow of good form one area to the next can be done through a variety of software inventory systems.


Workflow Systems

Workflow Systems can help streamline, automate and repeat business procedures to achieve a consistent result is important when facing deadlines and looking to achieve consistency.


Call Scripts

Having the proper call scripts your representative can help alleviate and confusion through misinformation when a proper call script is in place and followed. Allowing for overall customer satisfaction and employee productivity to increase.


Product Outsourcing

Using a third party to fulfill your companies products needs when you might have limited resources or deadline.This can be vital when needing to raise profits without through cutting expense.


Retail Location

Location, location, location, we have all heard the importance of a retail location and this is truce. Finding your retail location should be a systemic thoural process determined my preset factors to help insure the success of your future business. Accessibility, visualizations, demographic, population, income are all key factors to your site location.


Lease Negotiation

Before signing a commercial lease you will have the ability to negotiate several details regarding the terms of the lease. It is important to fully understand what you are looking for and needing before negotiating and understanding what the landlord is willing and needing from a tenant, this will help you better create a win win for both parties.


Buildout Management

Managing a successful buildout can come with service tasks include, deadlines, budgets, contractors, landlorda, current tenant, permitting, licences all to name a few. Having an understanding and detailed timeline will help the overall budget and deadline. Having a qualified leader that can oversee and manage the buildout process is valuable to mitigate and obstacles that may arise


Management/Leadership Training

Helping leaders develop new skills is vital to the overall growth of your business and is an investment that can have a last return. Having a set time to in your company’s schedule to bring in a third party of let your current management train your current and future leader is a must.

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